Wild Lemon Creative was born to create a custom experience for small businesses. When our founder worked as a Creative Director she encountered many people trying to get their businesses off the ground that couldn't find a creative solution they felt worked for them. So, she started her own company working with businesses and individuals to give them a custom experience that fit their budget. We know your brand needs more than pretty design, so we focus on the stuff that matters: the heart of your business. We focus on showcasing what makes our clients unique in their industry, because every successful company is built on the "why" not the "what".

Our clients come from many different industries, but what they all have in common is their passion. We haven't worked with big international brands, with board members, with unlimited budget big names. Those aren't our people. The builders, believers, the give-it-your-all-ers, those are our people.

It looks beautiful, tastefully done, simple and classy. Thank you so much.
- Babak

Dude, I am freaking out. My Instagram is going to be featured in Dermascope magazine! Everyone loves my page because of you!
- Lindsay

I'm crying a bit, so give me a minute. This is beautiful.
- Elizabeth

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Hello, I'm Lucy!
I'm a designer who has built my life around chasing life's magic. A sunrise, an afternoon full of laughter, a long drive with the windows down - those are the places inspiration strikes, the moments ideas are born. We are our most intuitive selves when we're immersed in the magic of life, so I decided to cultivate my work in those places. I spend a lot of time behind a computer screen, but I believe in order to build something truly unique, we must experience life beyond the screen - among the wild lemons.

About the founder

I hope one day to own an animal sanctuary farm and split my time between farm duties, designing websites, and writing books.

When I'm not working, my life is full of morning coffee, hot yoga, GF cooking, traveling (near & far), and constant DIY home updates.

I grew up in Colorado, but have lived in Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, TX & now reside in Bend, OR.

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Graphic Design and later went on to get my UX/UI training from BLOC coding school.